Sunday, December 14, 2008

Will cooking be the same...........I don't think so!

This is my JiYeon

For seven months I have been blest to cook for JiYeon. This girl can eat and she liked almost all my offerings. JiYeon, is a student from South Korea, and she has been attending the college where I work. This will be her last week with us and I am so sad, it is hard for me to plan ahead this week but I will try. I am not sure if any of this will make it to the table, but I will make Spaghetti at some point for sure. So these are my plans.

Monday: Spaghetti and salad.

Tuesday: Pork fried rice and Chow mein

Wednesday: We will eat out!

Thursday: Chicken Marsla

Friday: JiYeon will be leaving today so I will not cook..........

Saturday: We are hosting a party, so we will be eating something good I hope. ..

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