Monday, November 24, 2008

This week I only have to plan two meals, then it is, for 3 days. We will go to my family's for Thanksgiving day and everyone brings their best recipes. We have tried a couple of times to fix something different, but we always go back to the traditional Ham, Turkey and Dressing and Sweet Potatoes. I always bring the Dressing and desert. After Thanksgiving Day everyone is pretty much on there own as I am busy shopping and eating out. It's tradition and we don't mess with tradition in my family. So I will post my short menu everyone is on their own from Wednesday on..... Happy Thanksgiving, remember to thank the One who gives us life, and good food on this day. His name is Jesus!!!

Monday: Grilled Catfish, Scalloped poatoes, and salad

Tuesday: Chicken Breasts W/Krispy Bacon and Muenter Cheese Served over rice. Squash and corn medley.

Wednesday: On the road, most likely McDonalds or fast food...

Thursday: Turkey and Ham and all the trimmings.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, You're on your own Good luck!

If you want to join in or view other's menus, take a look at I'm An Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday

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