Sunday, February 8, 2009

My friend ask me the other day why in the world I spend so much time planning my menu, taking pictures of food and posting it on my blog. Well, I guess the main reason is because it is helpful. I am not as organized as I would like to be, so it helps me to plan ahead. Sometimes when Monday comes, I may not be in the mood for Fried Chicken, maybe a simple grilled chicken sandwich sounds better. No problem, I have the chicken, I have the bread, all I have to do is shift gears a little and not rack my brain for an hour trying to think of something to fix for dinner. Why do I post it? Because it helped me to look at menu's, I get great ideas and wonderful recipes. Taking pictures of my food is a result of my JiYeon, she took pictures of everything we ate, and it was just fun. She is gone back to South Korea now but ever time I take a picture of our meal I think of her and smile.

This is my menu for the week

Monday: Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles

Tuesday: Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes I will Grill mine (maybe).

Wednesday: Tostados with Chips and Salsa

Thrusday: Chicken Marsala with Pasta

Friday: Shrimp Fried Rice, Chow Mein and Spring Rolls

Satruday: No plans we will just fly by the seat of ur pants.


Rona's Home Page said...

I get some funny responses when people hear I blog. I first started about 4 years ago because I had a home business.
I also love that I can look back at menus and get inspiration.

Earl & Betty said...

Rona, thank you for following my blog, I always look at yours as well. I am very new to this, but I love it.

Jess @ NBP said...

oo yumm! I have some nice pics of my dinner last night. :) I agree with you that it does help.